Experimental Architecture Biennial vol.5

Fractal Paradise / Group Exhibition in Fragner Gallery.

Author of Fractal Paradise project: Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Prague, June/August 2021.
My project was supported by SGS Grant from CTU 2021/
FIS: 161 - 1612112E000.
Studio FLOW, Department MOLAB, FA CTU.
Supervisor doc. Ing. arch. Miloš Florián, PhD.  

I participated in this group exhibition in Fragner Gallery. it was a great pleasure to be in the team of 

renown architects like LIQUIFER team  Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof, René Waclavicek, Molly Hogle also Robotic Building team from TU Delft: Henriette Bier, Arwin Hidding, and Vera Laszlo
3D Robot Printing, from Rotterdam: Jasper Menger.

Our studio FLOW, students we presented recent projects as videos, models, texts, prints. We also prepared the concept for the main exhibition space of Fragner Gallery. Photos: Janek Rubeš and Jiří Straka.

Experimental Architecture Biennial vol.5

My Presentation in Online EAB Symposium.
9th AUGUST 2021.

Author of my presentation: Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Online, August 2021.
My project was supported by SGS Grant from CTU 2021/
FIS: 161 - 1612112E000.
Studio FLOW, Department MOLAB, FA CTU.
Supervisor doc. Ing. arch. Miloš Florián, PhD.  

My topic of the speech was: Architectural and Artistic Spaces Through Virtual Reality. The goal was to show the possibilities of designing the Metaverse with Neos VR and with Facebook Metaverse for architects.

Other speakers online were: Barbara Imhof, Henriette Bier,FLOE speakers: Jan Petrš, Markéta Gebrian, Loran Asaad, Ondřej Pokoj, Michal Bednář.

Printscreens from Neos VR metaverse.

My 360 Video was presented during the Requiem 9/11 Event at Czech Center New York.
9th and 10th September 2021

Author of the VR video: Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Collaboration with: Miroslav Konvalina, the director of Czech Center New York and Anna Kotyza, the director of Requiem.
New York, Czech Center, September 2021.

Anna Kotyza, the director was thrilled to be collaborating with Glowing Bulbs Inc., a video projection mapping company operated by Farkas Fülöp and Matin Daniel Gabor. 

I was invited by the Kotyza family to prepare one of the VR exhibitions after the 40min video mapping in the National Bohemia Hall, in Manhattan New York.

Also, I created collages for PR materials for the Requiem. In Oculus Quest 2, there was my 360 video from Neos VR. The name of the project was Fractal Tunnel, Transition of the Soul.

Anna said: "I met Markéta through Miroslav Konvalina at the Czech Center NY. Marketa is an inspiration, and her visions in VR are unmatched. She is a joy to work with, especially on a Fractal Tunnel project for Requiem 2021: Remembering the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks"...

I said: “In my life, I had a rare chance to experience such a colourful vision with beautiful fractals. I survived. I remember this vision. Nobody knows if we have a soul and what happens after we die. I believe that souls exist, and life continues somewhere in the universe and memories of our loved ones who passed away live with us in our minds.” 

Fotos from Czech Center Requiem event by

Czech Center. Other photos by Markéta Gebrian. Digital art by Markéta Gebrian.

My Project was presented online together with other Fulbright Scholars from the whole world.

Author of the project: Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Online gallery, September-December 2021.

I was delighter to be selected for this online exhibition. I think it was a perfect match for me, online, virtual, digital, gallery, that is all I love.

On the website of Fulbright is written:

"The Fulbright 75 Virtual Art Exhibit was curated in celebration of 75 years of the Fulbright Program. Throughout the program’s history, Fulbrighters in the arts has utilized their grants to deepen their artistic practices through cross-cultural collaboration and the adaptation of novel tools, techniques, and resources.

Each piece included in this exhibit was created during a Fulbright grant or was inspired by the connections and experiences of our alumni while living, working, and creating within their host community. We hope that these pieces encourage curiosity and desire to cultivate meaningful discourse and build mutual understanding between artists and their communities around the world.

This exhibit was led and curated by Alumni Ambassadors in the 75th Anniversary Legacy Cohort. The Fulbright Program is grateful to all of the alumni who participated in this process."

Printscrens from the website Fulbright 75 Virtual Art Exhibit.

CTU Prague awarded 9 students from each Faculty one by Stanislav Hanzel Award in 2021.

Award from CTU Foundation Stanislav Hanzel.

In Prague, Bethlem Chapel, 23rd November 2021.

From the website of the FA CTU:

"The Czech Technical University in Prague awarded its best students with the Stanislav Hanzel Award on the occasion of the International Student Day on 17 November. Among the 9 awarded students was also a doctoral student of FA CTU Markéta Gebrian. The award was presented on 23 November 2021 in the Bethlehem Chapel during the gala concert of the Academy of Engineering of the Czech Republic by the Rector of CTU in Prague doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., and doc. Ing. Antonín Pokorný, CSc., Chairman of the Board of the CTU Foundation Stanislav Hanzel.

The Stanislav Hanzel Foundation was established in 1997 in honour of the first rector of the CTU in Prague after November 1989, Prof. Ing. Stanislav Hanzel, CSc. The aim of the Foundation is to support studies and students of study programmes accredited at the faculties and institutes of the CTU in Prague.

This year, the following students received awards for outstanding results in their studies and for scientific, professional and other significant activities..."

Fotos by CTU Prague.



Author of the digital art projections: Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Installation by: DOX. Other exhibits by Students from studio Petr Hájek CTU Prague and Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava.
Prague, Czech Republic, 2020.

I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in the exhibition Galegion Utopian City. I was invited by architect Petr Hájek from CTU Prague. I used 3D models of students of Petr Hájek to create 2D digital collages representing selected projects.

"Galegion is a 10-year research project that has joined together students of the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague and Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, in departments led by renowned architect Petr Hájek (Dpt. Hájek/Hulín at FA  CTU, Virtual Studio Department Hájek/Rypáková at AFAD). It seeks to introduce new methods of urban planning and test them in various locations.

The exhibition at DOX Centre presents the results of the Galegion research using several projects of Utopian cities.

One of these “composite cities” has also inspired the title of the exhibition. Galegion combines a film archive, museum and gallery. The word galegion, which integrates the three meanings, has been coined by mathematician and theorist Ivan M. Havel.

Other locations shown at the exhibition include a future city in the Shackleton crater, which could become the base for humankind’s permanent presence on the Moon; the Guggenheim Museum in Salzburg, Austria – an underground city in a space carved out from the solid rock, 150 metres underground; the concept of a linear city, designed as a doctoral research project by architect Nikoleta Slováková; or the Adriaport project – an artificial island near the Adriatic Coast, with a 400-kilometre connecting tunnel to Czechia, designed in 1977 by architect Karel Žlábek for the state company Pragoprojekt, which had never come to fruition due to Soviet intervention." From the website of DOX.

Photos by Markéta Gebrian.


Author of the Digital Art Presentation: Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Topic: Concept for improvement of the interior design of Czech Center  Moscow.

Paid internship in Czech Center Moscow for 2 weeks.
Moscow, Russia, 2018.

As a winning team of the competition of TAČR, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, I could choose from all Czech Centers in the world to select the location of my internship for 2 weeks. I chose Moscow, Russia, because it was a distant place where it is harder to travel than in the EU.

I had two weeks to come up with the idea of how to treat the interior. I decided it would be best to take care of the ceilings and floors, use digital art wallpapers and simplify furniture. Use grey, black and white.

Image sources are marked in the slides. Visualizations of the entrance of the Czech Center and receptions are designed by Ing. arch. Karel Moudrý and Ing. arch. Martin Rezek. I added my digital artwork.